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We are a Michigan
based non profit
organization dedicated
 to the health and welfare of miniature, standard
and mammoth donkeys.

We are located at
216 N Meech Road
Dansville, Michigan 48819

Appointments are
REQUIRED to meet
the donkeys and
tour the facility


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Lucy Black enjoying the sun and her wonderful
sand pit in new forever home with Dale Enes


Lucy Black with her two new girlfriends!



TPDR celebrating Memorial Day
in the Dansville, MI parade



Our new BLM donkeys
have arrived!!

Click here for updates on
their gentling and training



Turning Pointe Donkey Rescue is excited to partner with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in the Platero Project.   HSUS launched the Platero Project which was designed to promote the protection of wild burros managed by the BLM.   More than 1,300 wild burros are in BLM holding areas.  One of the goals of the Platero Project is to reduce the number of wild burros living in the BLM holding areas by increasing adoptions and relocating difficult to place burros to sanctuaries.  Turning Pointe Donkey Rescue is thrilled to be a part of such an exciting program.  On April 26, Five beautiful wild burros will be joining our family.   We will be document their stories and progress as we gentle them, train them, and find them wonderful forever homes, so watch our website for updates.   


Do you want to help?


 Sponsor one of these incredible donkeys.  See our “Sponsor a donkey” page for more details. 


Take a gander at the pictures below
of our very special kids.





Click here for updates on
their gentling and training



Meet Spirit, the newest member of the TPDR family.  
She is the funniest looking donkey we have ever seen!!  




All kidding aside, everyone once in a while we come across an animal other than a donkey that desperately needs our help. When I saw this sweet old girl, well........I just could not walk on by.  


Spirit is about 20ish years old, very underweight, and missing an eye.  The eye appears to have been injured quite some time ago and left untreated.  Poor little Spirit is quite a trooper. If she has an eye still in the socket, it is dead and buried under unhealthy tissue. The eye and dead tissue needs to be removed and the eyelid stitched closed before the bugs start flying. The cost of the surgery is estimated to be $1000-$1500
and we sure could use your help!  



Please consider making a
donation to help with
the cost of Spirits surgery.
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Check here for Spirit Updates!







Check Here for a Great Reflection on 2013
by Lori Little, our Volunteer Coordinator!!




We Need Your Photos!!


We need photos of your long eared friends
for use on our yearly calendar, note cards, etc

Please e-mail them to us at


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TPDR has been rescuing donkeys since October 2004
and in that time we have had 296 adoptions!!!!


We have adopted to at least 15 states
(OH, IL, IN, WI, NY, CA, GA, MD, PA, ID, FL,
SC, CT, RI, MI) and Canada.


A huge thank you to all our adopters, donors, and
volunteers for their support in helping us find so
many forever homes for our beloved long ear friends. 


We could not do it without them. 





You can donate to us through JUSTGIVE.ORG

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We are a Michigan based non profit organization dedicated to
the health and welfare of miniature, standard and mammoth donkeys.

Turning Pointe Donkey Rescue is operated by volunteers
who are committed to Donkeys and giving them a second
chance, a Turning Pointe, in their lives.

Turning Pointe Donkey Rescue became a reality in October 2004 when an
enthusiastic group of people got together and decided that many
nice donkeys were unwanted, unappreciated and often
 found themselves in the meat pen at an auction.

Our objective is to promote the humane care and proper training
of these long ears and to provide the public with
a better understanding of their true nature


Our efforts will be directed towards rescuing donkeys, and
 the education of perspective and current donkey owners.



Donkeys come to the Rescue from a variety of difficult
 situations. They will be matched with the most compatible,
compassionate and supportive environment





How much will it cost to adopt a donkey from TPDR?

Our adoption fee is  normally $650.00, although occasionally
a donkey may be priced a bit lower.

 The fee could also be adjusted upward depending on the
training to ride/and or drive that animal has had while here.

The adoption fee always covers all vaccines, farrier work,
 current coggins, registration fee and castration.

The fees associated with transportation of adopted
donkeys are NOT included in our adoption fee.


As of July 2010 all long ears that are adopted from TPDR will
now be micro chipped for permanent identification. As has
 always been our practice to register our rescue animals with ADMS each
 animal's chip number will now appear on their registration papers.


There will be no additional fees for chipping your new friend.
The cost of this service will be included in our current adoption fee. 


Click here  to learn how to sponsor a donkey
 as a special gift or remembrance for a friend!




I found him on Good Friday 2002 at a large
Indiana horse auction. He was in the kill pen.
He was very dirty, very crippled behind, and very old.


He was timidly moving from corner to corner trying
to keep away from the aggressive, mainly
large draft horses also on their way to the killer.


I bought him that miserable day to give him a humane
and peaceful death. Someone had loved him once.
He was gelded, very well trained, and totally trusting
of everyone. Someone had dumped this gentle
 old soul for the grand sum of $31.00.


On a Friday, exactly four months after Shaggy
came to live with me, his time had come to say goodbye.
I had gone to town to pick up the picture that
you see here. I was gone about 30 minutes.
He was fine when I left. When I got back he wasn't himself.
He was lying on his side. I went to him, knelt down,
 and he quietly put his dear old head on my lap and died.


Thanks for waiting for me old friend.  I didn't want you to be alone.


Sharon Windsor


On that Easter weekend in 2002, Sharon Windsor was
already quite busy with her own miniature donkey business
and kennel that she operated at her home in Dansville Michigan.

But her future was about to change dramatically.

The very day  she found Shaggy in that filthy kill pen
 auction, she knew immediately that there would  always
be room both on her farm and in her heart for rescue donkeys.
That one crippled old gentleman changed her future with donkeys.
Now she provides a much needed home for many discarded,
abandoned and sometimes abused donkeys while they are
rehabilitated and a new home is found for them.
She also continues to raise
her own herd of donkeys
separate from TPDR, although they all live
with her on her Central Michigan farm


People are ALWAYS asking us ....why is there a
need for Donkey Rescue? Hopefully reading Shaggy's story
 and seeing a photo of this gentle guy that was discarded
in a kill pen will help answer that question!


Often we have new donkeys that come to us and
for various reasons, they are not yet available for adoption.

 We know from numerous conversations with
previous adopters and other followers of our
rescue that many people watch the progression
of certain animals. As a result of this, we have
 started a new section of our website for our
"Donkeys in Rehab" or our "Works in Progress"

This page will highlight our long eared friends
that are not quite ready to leave the rescue
and go to their forever homes.
Click here to find out more!





 They frequently injure and sometimes KILL the very
 sheep and goats they are supposed to protect.
This certainly does not indicate that the donkey is a
 bad tempered animal. It simply means that he is
 a dominant, un-castrated male doing what is very
normal jack behavior. Much more information on
this subject is available from American Donkey And Mule Society.



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