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Meet TPDR Babe!  This cute little molly mule is ready to go home and be the perfect companion to your equine. She is still chubby but we are working on getting her weight down. She is getting a small handful of rolled oats, mineral supplements, grass assist supplements and 3rd cutting good quality grass hay. She is a  nice girl overall and we have not had any issues with regards to her threatening to buck or kick at us. She is stubborn (of course) but will listen when asked to..well most of the time!


Most days she is social and will come in with the others at night but everyone once in a while she likes to pull Michel's chain and will play come chase me games until he gives up. Then when I go out she will quietly walk back in...drives him crazy...lol!


Babe is stalled with Snowflake (also available) and the girls do well together. Babe is definitely the "boss" though when it comes to which feed bucket she wants...lol! She has a very interesting "Bray" it is half donkey bray and half horse whinny...quite cute and can be a bit loud at times. She will alert bray if she sees something in the surrounding area. I often see her watching the woods (deer and turkey mostly) and seems to be standing alert. We do have a family of coyotes around that have a den across the street in a heavier wooded area and although I have never seen them on our property we can hear them at night and have seen them nearer the woods and I often wonder if she is not standing on alert because of their presence. She does however really like the weimeraners and will sniff them nose to nose without any aggression towards them.


She is not quite as fond of being groomed as Snowflake but tolerates it. Our farrier was out today and she did absolutely terrific and we had absolutely no issues with her standing nicely for her trim. Having foundered some time ago her feet need to be trimmed a little different to help keep her feet as healthy as possible. Babe is very unique and has a tail that is half mule half donkey...it is very different. She also has a hair coat that kind of goes in different directions and is a little more card than the other donkeys we have had but is not as smooth as a mule or horse. She has a cute little cowlick right on top of her bum. Babe has a very sweet face with a bushy forelock and big brown expressive eyes and a medium sized ear. We feel that with patience and time she will make a wonderful companion for a horse or a family. She is certainly curious and not afraid to investigate things.



For more information contact
Tia Bonkowski at 517-623-0000
or email her at:

or contact foster mom, Tonette Bogner
  at 616-842-7290

or 616-402-1041, or e-mail her at: tonettebogner@sbcglobal.net


















All My Best Friends Have Long Ears!






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