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Cheers for Long Ears!




So......What Can You Do With a Donkey??


Have you ever heard What are you gonna do with a donkey/mule?  We hear it all of the time and feel its time to address this issue!  Below you will find some wonderful photos highlighting the unique and wonderful ways that our long eared friends are worked, played with and enjoyed.

Donkeys and mules are remarkably versatile and hardy. They work as farm and pack animals as well as saddle mounts, jumpers and draft animals. Treasured for their intelligence and gentleness, they are sensitive and generally love people.  If a mule or donkey is ill-tempered, it's a fair bet a human is to blame.

Think of a mule or donkey and the stereotype that immediately comes to mind is stubborn. In reality, they aren't so much obstinate as cautious. Highly intelligent, donkeys and mules are quick learners. Their legendary stubbornness is in fact a manifestation of their talent for self-preservation. They stop and think things through, then come to their own conclusions. It's when those conclusions differ from what humans want them to do that we apply their infamous reputation.

Mules are naturally suspicious and are wary to do just any old thing for any old body. Gain their trust, however, and you might be surprised at how cooperative they can be.

Here are all of the things we and our friends do with our long ears


Talk to a donkey ● Hug a donkey ● Ride a donkey ● Listen to a donkey● Jump with a donkey ● Pack with a donkey ● Livestock guardian donkey ● Dress up a donkey ● Show your donkey ● Equine companion donkey ● Play with a donkey ● Learn from a donkey ● Teach a donkey ● Confide in a donkey ● Cry to a donkey ● Laugh with a donkey● Drive a donkey ● Walk a donkey ● Be in a parade with a donkey ● Get outsmarted by a donkey ● Rehabilitate a donkey ● Share treats with a donkey ● Love a donkey 






Learn From A Donkey

Oliver, adopted from TPDR by Tammy and Bryan Marks,  is at "Show and Tell" at their son's school!


Hug and Love Your Donkey


Dear Turning Pointe:


Some years ago I sent pictures to Sharon & a note about our rescued baby donkey, Nester.  (We are still in your "Donkey Helpline" section)


 Well, Nester is all grown up now & has turned out to be one of the best donkeys ever.  Our granddaughter is 4 & has been riding Nes since she was 18 months old. After a verrrry cold week, this Sunday was almost 70 degrees. Shane wanted to ride & spent 2 1/2 hours on Nester (5 acres, no bridle, no saddle). Nester took great care of her.



 When the 2 yearlings (in an adjoining pasture) decide to race & play, Nester will usually join the melee. This time, with Shane on his back, he continued their journey in a slow walk. At the hay feeder, Shane would climb in the feeder, then plop down on Nester's back or she would dismount & climb & kick herself back on. During these games, Nester never moved a hoof. She sang (very loudly) to him most of the time. Shane did not want us to interfere with her ride so we watched from the barn. I took several pictures & have included them.




I still appreciate the time & advice Sharon gave to help us when Nes was that sick little baby. He's a very popular guy in our area. Whenever possible, we take walks down the road & the kids (parents too) will swarm around him. The farrier says he's the best donkey to work on, our veterinarian feels the same. Nester continues to wean our foals each year. He stays with them until they start to get pushy then he returns to his 5 acres pen & our sweet mare Rosie.




Dinah Coop


Dear Dinah,


Thanks so much for taking the time to write to us!  We truly love hearing that we have made a difference in the lives of our long eared friends!  Sharon gave great advice to so many people over the years and we strive to continue her legacy every day here at Turning Pointe!  THANKS from everyone at TPDR!




This is what it's all about--loving our long eared friends!





Paco, adopted from TPDR, gets lots of love and hugs!


Parade Your Donkey

Pictured in the straw cowboy hat is Doris Swedblom, 2005 Border Days Grand Marshall and with her is Kristi Kingma. Luc is pulling them along the parade route!


  In 2005 Lippyluver Luc had the pleasure of
driving the Grand Marshall of Idaho's oldest rodeo celebration.  Not only was he in all three parades but he also held the spotlight for three rodeo grand entries. Later in the year Luc was selected to escort the Honorary Grand Marshall of Hells Canyon Mule Days in Enterprise, Oregon, his new friend, The Tennessee Mule Artist, Bonnie Shields.

Luc is a large standard gelding who has been in parades in three western states.  He loves the show ring, he rides, drives and packs.  He works around the farm as a livestock guard donkey and in the woods skidding firewood.   He is the pasture leader and best friend to a 15 hand American Mammoth Jackstock donkey gelding.

For Luc's many accomplishments, The American Donkey and Mule Society has presented him with the Versatility Hall of Fame Award.  His photo and story has been featured on the front page of Happy Trails magazine.

With all of this you would think Luc came from some fancy background. Nope, Luc came from Montana, not bad for a little 'ole desert donk! 
Just goes to show what a donkey can do!




Dress Your Donkey Up!


Sue Snyder and "Spanky"


Haley and "Ponch"



Train Your Donkey!

Edin and "Classey"

 "Classey" at church



Ride Your Donkey!

"Midnight" is saddled and ready to go!


Carol and "Hammer"


Pack With Your Donkey!


"Midnight" is ready to go again!



Play With Your Donkey!

"Corona" playing ball!



Drive Your Mule!

"Little Richard" and Tobias Lehman


Drive Your Donkey!

Henry pulling Tobias Lehman's children in their cart!



Do you have a picture or story about your donkey to share with us?

E-mail us with your stories and photos -- we would love to include them on this page!




All My Best Friends Have Long Ears!




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