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For those of you that sometimes question the need for Donkey Rescue let me introduce you to one of five new arrivals at TPDR.


We have named this little miniature sweetheart Nadine. She was sent through an auction ring presented as a great investment for someone wanting to get into breeding small miniature donkeys. Watching this little gal being chased around the sales arena was most painful for us, but certainly much more so for her. There were several others bidding on her but we had decided upon first seeing her the day prior to the sale that she WAS coming home with us. I further suspect she had either just recently lost or weaned a foal as her udder was still quite distended.



Two days after Nadine`s arrival from the auction she made the short trip to our veterinarians for films of all four feet and also to see the farrier that was to begin working on her at the clinic. What a great little patient she was. She stood quietly with her little hooves up on blocks to have her films done. She had two complete sets of films, one prior to any trimming and one after. The x-rays showed NO evidence of laminitis. Just out and out neglect. Dr. Cadena estimated that Nadine had not had any hoof care for at least three years.


Our little gal is only about seven years old. She is a joy to be around as she has a very loving nature. She is not in the least bit pushy and has wonderful manners. It was very clear to us that she had never seen a donkey treat in her life. Yes, she has now become very familiar with treats as well as just a little bit of Omelene 100.


Nadine is still quite painful from her issues with her hooves, but is on meds for her discomfort. She has a nice soft bed of shavings to rest on when she wants to lay down.


For more information contact Sharon Windsor
 at 517-623-0000 or email her at: akaminidonkeys@fnwusers.com



***UPDATE 11-7-2011***


Tuesday, November first I took Nadine to Dr. Amanda Ragon for ultrasound to determine if indeed she had been rebred at her former owners place. Sadly she is pregnant. I would imagine crippled little Nadine had no hope of getting away from the jack as she was literally unable to walk on her painful hooves.


I would guess that this little sweetheart was "gotten rid of" at the auction and the foal that she was nursing was kept as her replacement due to the condition of her hooves. We think she will foal sometime next summer. Hopefully that will give her some time to continue to improve the condition of her hooves before she gains additional weight with her pregnancy. She had her front feet trimmed again several days ago and was not as painful as just after her previous trimming.


She will stay with me at this time....Sharon














***UPDATE 12-14-11***


Our little gal Nadine was re-trimmed again this morning
 and she continues to make good progress in getting her
neglected, twisted hooves into better condition.
This little sweetheart stands for trimming all four
hooves without even needing to wear a halter or be
restrained in any way. What a clear indication that the
condition she came to us in was due to complete neglect
 on the part of her former owner and surely NOT due
to unpleasant behavior issues from Nadine!
Needless to say she is a great favorite of
everyone here at the rescue.




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