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Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Meet Buzz Lightyear! Buzz is a short eared donkey... hehehe. We could not leave this little horse behind so we added him to the donkey express. Buzz is battling an upper respitory infection but he is doing very well. Poor Buzz also has saddle sores and bad hooves. This tiny guy doesn't even go up past my knee. After QT and some behavior checks we will get this little dude up for adoption!
Meet Twister! Our jaws dropped at the sight of this poor guys "twisted" hooves. His hooves are so bad we will have to have X-Rays done on them before we can trim them at all. On top of that he also is very skinny. Even though he has been horribly neglected this big guy still loves people and wants all the attention in the world. After QT, health checks, and behavior "tune-ups" this dude will be available for adoption!
Meet Bella! Bella is a sweet, calm, and gentle mini donkey. Bella is said to be pregnant, but if she is it's not noticable quite yet. Over all Bella is very healthy and sweet. We will wait to see there is a bun in the oven but after that this gal will be available for adoption! Look at that face!
Meet Penelope! Penelope is a very sweet young jenny. Penelope is very healthy and at a good weight. This sweetie pie is in QT, but after that she will have behavior tests to see if she is ready for adoption, if theres something she has to work on our lovely vollunteers will work on it with her until she is ready to be adopted. 
Meet Bandit! Bandit got his name from the beautiful white markings around his eyes. It reminded us of a raccoon and then Bandit popped into our brains! Bandit is a very young mini gelding. Bandit is pretty healthy but definitely needs some groceries. He is very scared of people and will need lots of love and socialization before he will be available for adoption.
Meet Jade! Jade is a gorgeous tennesee walker filly we couldn't leave behind. She is about 6-7 months old and pretty healthy. Jade is fairly scared of humans but with time she will overcome her fear and learn to love people. When this gorgeous horse is out of QT she will get all the behavioral and medical attention she needs then she will be put up for adoption.


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